Formalizing collaboration with partners

Working with their school’s designated international administrator, IU faculty and staff may propose agreements to formally recognize a partnership or initiate specific activities with a partner.

Partnerships with universities, research centers and institutes, governmental agencies, NGOs, and other organizations should involve active collaboration on international activities. The types of collaboration can take many forms—collaborative research and teaching, joint workshops and conferences, student and faculty exchanges, dual degree programs, and even overseas offices.

The IU International Strategic Plan emphasizes that IU’s academic programs should focus on strengthening relationships with leading institutions in 30 priority countries. Because collaboration with prospective partners outside these priority countries is considered an exception to policy, proposals for such agreements must make a persuasive case.

The international partnerships staff can also guide you through the proposal process, from the preparation of the application through the execution of the agreement.

Want to know if Indiana University already collaborates with a partner? Before you propose an agreement, check the registry of active agreements.