Agreement templates to aid the drafting process

The Office of International Partnerships has worked closely with IU General Counsel and other administrative offices to develop agreement templates. These templates are intended to help IU faculty and staff get started with the drafting process.

The partner or cooperating foreign entity may request to use its template. This is often the case when institutions have limited flexibility because of regulations or internal policies. This template should, however, be compared with the appropriate IU template to ensure all required and other relevant terms are represented.

Before drafting an agreement, review the agreement policy and guidelines and contact the Office of International Partnerships with any questions.

Selecting the appropriate template

Indiana University has three different types of agreements for partnerships and cross-border activities:

  • Primary partnership agreement between IU and a partner institution
  • Sub-agreements for activities with a primary partner
  • Unit-to-unit collaboration agreements

To determine if IU has an existing primary partnership agreement, search the registry or consult the list of primary partners. If IU has a primary agreement with an institution, the appropriate sub-agreement for a specific type of activity should be used. If IU does not have a primary agreement with an institution, the appropriate unit-to-unit agreement for a specific type of activity should be used.

Primary partnership

A primary partnership agreement establishes formal ties of friendship and cooperation between IU and a partner institution. Although the Office of International Partnerships typically initiates a primary agreement when multiple IU units are actively collaborating with the institution, any IU unit may recommend a primary agreement.

Download primary agreement

Unit-to-unit general collaboration

An IU unit may propose an umbrella, general collaboration agreement with an institution or organization that is not currently a primary partner of IU. To be approved, there must be compelling evidence that specific activities are either already occurring or will materialize in the near future.

Download unit-to-unit collaboration agreement

Contract and grant activities

For contract and grant activities, signature authority resides with the Associate Vice President for Research Administration, including when the granting agency or subcontract agreement is with a foreign entity. Such activities require a separate online application to the Office of International Partnerships only when they involve delivery of IU academic programs abroad (either on-site or via distance) or the establishment of an IU legal presence abroad.

The latter may involve any of the following: registration as a legal entity in the foreign country, payment of taxes to a foreign government, opening of project bank accounts abroad, hiring of direct employees or independent contractors in the foreign country for a period greater than 90 days, or long-term lease or purchase of housing or a vehicle in the foreign country.

Because of the significant risks that some projects may pose to IU, units that are interested in pursuing external funding for international projects should contact the Office of International Development before proceeding with a proposal.