Outgoing Participants

Congratulations on your selection as one of Indiana University's international exchange participants for the upcoming academic year. There are several important steps you will need to complete in order to ensure you have a positive, productive experience.


Prior to your departure, you may request an in-person meeting or conference call with a staff member of the Office of International Partnerships to discuss the exchange for which you have been selected. Call (812) 855-8669 or email partner@iu.edu to schedule a time.

Participants in the UNAM (Mexico) exchange must also fill out and submit the following form:

Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability for Travel to Mexico

Enrollment status at IU

If you intend to receive degree credit for graduate work conducted on the exchange, contact the Dean's office at your school prior to your departure to learn about the type of credit that may be transferred and the documentation required. The Director for Graduate Studies in your school is responsible for approving transfer credits. 

Some students may need to enroll in GRAD-G597 to maintain their student status and computer accounts at IU, defer student loan repayment, or enable them to receive fellowships or externally awarded funds. Students should only enroll in GRAD-G597 if they meet these two criteria: (1) they are not eligible to enroll in G901 or in any other courses at IU during their time abroad, and (2) they have not passed their qualifying exams or will not pass them during the semester enrolled in G597. For PhD students who have passed their qualifying exams, this course does not meet the continuing enrollment requirement of the Graduate School.

If you need to enroll in this course, your advisor or department chair should request that you be allowed to enroll. A statement that the following conditions apply to your situation, along with your name and university ID, should be sent to partner@iu.edu:

  1. The student is a graduate student still working toward his/her IU degree(s)
  2. The student will enroll in a full-time course of study at a foreign institution
  3. The department advisor/chair confirms support for the student and confirms that the academic work undertaken during the program will contribute to his/her IU degree.
  4. The department advisor/chair confirms that the student will not be in violation of the Graduate School’s continuing enrollment requirements for PhD students.

The department should send an email with this information during registration for each term the student needs to enroll. You should enroll prior to the beginning of your exchange program, as it is difficult to negotiate the details of your enrollment if you are out of the country.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You are not eligible for any federal aid or fee-restricted aid such as fee remissions if you enroll in GRAD-G597. Although this is a zero-credit hour course with no tuition charged, the Registrar will charge an $18 recording fee for each semester you enroll.

Airfare allowance

You will receive a fellowship award to cover the cost of round-trip economy airfare to your destination. If the award is not sufficient to cover the round-trip ticket, contact the Office of International Partnerships.

The fellowship award will post to your Bursar account ten days prior to the start of the term (Fall or Spring) that you will be traveling. If you have direct deposit set up with the Bursar, any credit balance on your student account will be deposited automatically into your checking or savings account. Depending on your travel dates, you may have to cover the cost of the airfare until the allowance is credited to your student account.

You may make your own travel arrangements, use a travel agent of your choice, or use an IU Designated Travel Agency.

Health insurance

If IU covers health insurance during your exchange program, the Office of International Partnerships will contact you to gather necessary information. If the host institution provides insurance coverage, the host institution’s international officer will contact you directly. To avoid any lapses in coverage, confirm that your current health insurance coverage will continue until the policy becomes active for your exchange program. Visit the IU Student Health Insurance website for information about plans available through IU.

Completion of arrangements with host university

Once the host university has approved your exchange participation, you will be contacted either directly by officials from the host university or by OVPIA with details about next steps for visas, travel logistics upon arrival, student services, housing, health insurance, stipend distributions, and other related matters.

Upon Arrival in Host Country

Local contact information

Upon arrival in the host country, send the Office of International Partnerships the following information:

  • Physical address where you are staying
  • Mailing address (if different from physical address)
  • Email address (if you primarily use a non-IU email address)
  • Cell and/or landline phone number where you can be reached

In the event of an emergency situation or crisis (personal injury or illness, natural disaster, civil unrest, act of terror, etc.), Indiana University officials will be better equipped to assist you.

Required post-arrival report

The Office of International Partnerships requires all participants to complete a brief online report within four weeks of arrival at the host institution.

Begin the preliminary report

If you have any major, unresolvable problems with the host institution at any point during your time abroad, contact the Office of International Partnerships immediately.

Upon Return to U.S.

Within thirty days of your arrival back in the US, you are required to complete an online final report.

Begin the final report