Incoming Graduate Participants

Information for incoming graduate exchange participants

Congratulations on your nomination to participate in the exchange program with Indiana University.  Exchange participants may study or conduct research on the Bloomington campus (IUB) of Indiana University.

Exchange participants visiting Indiana University solely for the purpose of conducting research may come as J-1 visiting scholars and are not required to submit an application for admission. Such students should contact the Office of International Partnerships to get instructions on next steps.

Exchange participants enrolling in courses must apply for admission to Indiana University. Because IU Bloomington has a broad range of academic disciplines, you should carefully review the available academic programs before starting your application for admission.

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Eligibility to Participate

To participate in the exchange, you must possess the equivalent of a baccalaureate degree or similar certification prior to enrollment at Indiana University as a non-degree exchange participant. For more information about this requirement, see:

Admissions Standards

English proficiency is an important factor in your potential success. Should you propose to come to the United States for a period of intensive English study prior to your enrollment, you should notify the Office of International Partnerships. Such additional English study will be at your expense.

Application Process

Before you start the application for admission, you should review the list of academic programs and identify the one that most closely matches your current program of study. You will be asked to select this academic program on your application.

Important Notices:

  • Exchange students may not apply for admission to any academic program in the Kelley School of Business or the Maurer School of Law.
  • Freie Universität Berlin(FUB) students are restricted to academic programs offered in the College of Arts and Sciences
  • Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) and National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) students may enroll in courses for credit or focus primarily on research. Those who enroll in courses must apply and be admitted to IU. Those who focus primarily on research will participate in the exchange as visiting scholars and do not have to apply for admission; visiting scholars will have the option to audit up to two courses.

Now that you have made a decision about the academic program that best meets your academic goals, you should complete the application for admission.

Application for admission

You will be required to pay the application fee. An application is not submitted for review until the fee is paid. Some exchange participants may qualify for reimbursement of this fee; the letter of acceptance sent to your home institution will indicate if this is covered.

Your home institution’s exchange coordinator should send the following supporting documents to the Office of International Partnerships:

  • IU International Application for Admission (Application Form printed from online application system)
  • TOEFL or IELTS Score Report (Required)
  • Official Academic Records (originals or certified copies)
  • Degree Certificates (originals or certified copies)
  • 2-3 Letters of Recommendation (in English or translated into English)
  • Resume
  • 300- to 500-Word Statement of Purpose
  • Evidence of Financial Support beyond IU financial support
  • Evidence of Financial Support for dependents, if applicable
  • Other Special Tests as Directed (GRE, GMAT, LSAT, etc.)

The Office of International Partnerships will then submit your printed application and supporting documents to the appropriate department or school for review. This process can take several weeks.

Financial Support

Indiana University and your home institution have negotiated specific terms of support for exchange participants. All participants receive a waiver for tuition and fees, and some participants may receive a fellowship award from Indiana University that covers housing and/or meals and incidentals. Participants from FUB and SKKU are automatically enrolled in a health insurance plan, the cost of which IU covers.

What's covered by Indiana University for your program

TuitionMandatory feesHealth insuranceHousingMeals & Incidentals
GERMANY: Freie Universität BerlinXXXXX
SOUTH KOREA: Sungkyunkwan UniversityXXXXX

Taxation of fellowship award

A fellowship award is considered taxable income by the State of Indiana and the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. Tax laws require that Indiana University withhold 14% of the exchange participant's fellowship to cover the approximate tax liability. It will be responsibility of the exchange participant to report the fellowship income. Some students may claim full exemption from taxation under tax treaties between their countries and the U.S.; in order to do so, students must file the online IU International Tax Questionnaire and complete all other steps required by IU's tax office. Read more about taxes:

Tax resources at IU Bloomington

You should plan to bring a credit card or traveler’s checks to pay initial expenses when you arrive. Some of these expenses may include:

  • Ground transportation from airport to housing accommodations: $25-$85
  • Text books and supplies: $350-$500
  • Household and personal items: $100-$150
  • Taxis, bicycle, or other non-bus transportation: $50-$125

All students can ride Indiana University and Bloomington city buses free of charge with their IU student identification card. 

Housing & Meal Plans

Freie Universität Berlin (FUB) and Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) Students

Starting the 2018-2019 academic year, students from Freie Universität Berlin (FUB) and Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) are required to live on-campus and enroll in a meal plan. On-campus housing is available on a first come, first serve basis. As you review options, pay attention to those designated for international exchange students and/or graduate students. Students should enroll in a meal plan that gives them access to on-campus dining options. 

NIDA Students

Students from NIDA may live on-campus or seek off-campus housing. The IU Office of International Partnerships encourages students to apply for an on-campus apartment. The IU Office of International Services has a list of resources for off-campus housing, but IU staff cannot advise you on available options, leases, or other matters.

For more information about housing options:

On-campus housing options

Off-campus housing options

Meal plans

Health Insurance

IU provides a general health insurance plan for all graduate fellowship recipients. Coverage is adequate, but not comprehensive. Participation in this group program is mandatory. Premiums are heavily subsidized by IU. Students may maintain duplicate coverage. Some past recipients have chosen to make separate arrangements, at their own expense, for more extensive health insurance coverage from their home countries. Read more:

Health and insurance resources

IU Email Account and Access to Online Resources

You should set up your IU email account after you receive your university ID number. Follow the email set-up instructions on the University Information Technology Services website. You will need to provide their last name, date of birth, and university ID number.

With the IU email address and passphrase, you can access IU’s many online resources and services through One.IU and selected library resources with IU Bloomington Libraries.

Arrival and Orientation

You should arrange transportation from the Indianapolis International Airport to the city of Bloomington (approximately 50 miles). The IU Office of International Services has information available online about shuttle services.

All incoming exchange students are required to attend orientation before they can register for classes. At that time, you will complete a document check. You should verify that you have brought all of therequired documentswith you to the United States:

  • Orientation schedule
  • Passport
  • Visa stamp
  • I-94 document
  • All original I-20s or DS-2019s (including documents from previous U.S. schools as well)
  • Final, official copies of academic records and degree certificates or diplomas (these all must bear the stamp or seal of the issuing institution). Final academic records are not required if the home university plans to send them to Indiana University.

Learn more about orientation

Course Registration and Maintaining Visa Status

To stay in status, you must enroll in a full load of classes, at least 8 credit hours, each semester you are studying at IU.

In preparation for orientation, you can look at the schedule of classes, searchable by academic department, for IU Bloomington.

Computing Labs and IT Support

Wireless internet (“wifi”) access is available across the majority of the IU Bloomington campus. Read more about connection services.

Computing labs, including many with printing services, are available in multiple locations on the campus.

University Information Technology Services (UITS) offers many other resources and services, including an option for live chat with a staff member to resolve any issues that arise during the exchange participant's visit.

Other Useful Resources

The IU Office of International Services has several online resources available to help students prepare for their experience in the United States:

Resources on Living & Working in the U.S.