Outgoing Participants

Prepare for your short-term exchange experience

Congratulations on your selection to participate in one of IU's short-term faculty exchange program. Below are some resources to help you prepare for your stay at the host institution.

Communication with the host institution

The exchange coordinator at the host institution should be your primary contact for questions concerning housing, living stipend if provided by the host institution, ground transportation, access to libraries or facilities, or other matters related to your in-country experience.

The Office of International Partnerships can, when necessary, serve as an intermediary if the host institution becomes unresponsive or does not adequately address your questions or concerns.  

Trip preparations

You should work with the travel arranger in your department to set up your trip through Travel@IU so that your expenses can be prepaid or reimbursed. The Office of International Partnerships will ask your travel arranger to list our account number on your trip up to a maximum amount.

It is your responsibility to book your international flight and secure housing. IU’s Travel Management Services maintains a list of resources to help you plan travel.

Funding for airfare and other expenses

The official letter of acceptance from the Vice President for International Affairs describes the specific financial support will you receive.

You will receive sufficient funding from the Office of International Partnerships to cover the cost of international round-trip economy airfare. If the host institution does not provide housing or a stipend, you will receive a stipend from the Office of International Partnerships sufficient to cover housing and some living expenses. Please note that the stipend is not based on per diem.

Trip report

Within 60 days of returning, you should submit a brief report (max. 1000 words) about your experience at the host institution. The report should discuss the progress on your research or accomplishment of other goals outlined in your proposal, any challenges you faced or issues you encountered while participating in the program, and any other matters that might help future participants have a positive experience.